What is Codejen?

Codejen is a source code generation framework. It allow application developer to define their source code generator to generate application specific code. For example, writing a Java EE web-based application will need to write

  1. Struts Forms, Actions, struts-config.xml
  2. BO, DAO, DTO
  3. Hibernate XBM, Hibernate configuration file

In a typical web applications, CRUD are the most common implemented operations. Hibernate handles the coding from database to application server. However, the coding to fill the DTOs to the forms as well as the generic web application flow are still need to be written manually.

Codejen Framework provides the infrastructure for the applicaton developers to build their own source code generator:

  • Flexible template configuration to generate different kind of applications (EJB, web-based applications, web services)
  • Plugable template definition for different template engines (e.g. FreeMarker, Apache Velocity, Eclipse JET)
  • JavaScript-able default implementation

Codejen Framework is under Apache License version 2.0